What Electrics You Need for Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tuning

Even their owners sometimes have no idea how much their favorites are, in fact, packed with modern electronics. Modern fuel injection with feedback, detonation control system, electronic protection against overheating at idling speed, brakes with automatic force distribution between the wheels and ABS, keyless start system with immobilizer, smart automatic “turn signals” – this is not a complete list of everything that is hidden behind the classic appearance of almost every motorcycle from 2007. Read more about best auto tuner for Harley Davidson.

High Voltage Wires

What is the best high-voltage wires (spark plug wires) for your Harley Davidson out of the great variety of such products offered today – this is the question every owner of a Harley that is not new sooner or later starts to ask. It is absolutely natural question as there is nothing eternal and moreover for cable-conductor products having a tendency to ageing and cracking as a result of operational wear and tear.

It is no secret that the quality and technical condition of high-voltage wires determines the normal operation of the ignition system of the motorcycle as a whole.

A mistake in selecting proper high-voltage wires for your Harley Davidson spark plugs can lead to malfunctions of your bike’s engine ignition system, in particular, the appearance of frequent ignition gaps, and subsequently, the complete loss of the ability to start the engine. A complete engine shutdown due to these reasons can catch you at the most inopportune moment, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and that is not a pleasant prospect.


Electronic control systems of a modern Harley Davidson are hard to imagine without special devices – sensors, which read and record different kinds of information and indicators. Sensors in a motorcycle mainly evaluate values of non-electrical parameters and convert them into electrical signals. The signals are electrical values such as voltage, current, frequency and so on. Electrical signals are converted into a digital code and transmitted to the electronic control unit, which in accordance with the laid-down program activates some or other actuators of the motorcycle.

Sensors for Harley Davidson motorcycles, as well as for a car, can be of two basic types:

  1. Active – the electrical signal is generated by an internal energy conversion;
  2. Passive – due to conversion of external electric energy.

Sensors are used in the majority of systems of a modern motorcycle and motorcycles Harley Davidson, despite its seeming conservatism, are not an exception in this respect. In the internal combustion engine, they measure the temperature and pressure of air, fuel, oil, and coolant. Many moving parts of a motorcycle (crankshaft, camshaft, throttle, gearbox shafts, wheels, exhaust gas recirculation valves) necessarily have sensors connected to fix the position and speed parameters of these elements. A number of sensors are used in the motorcycle’s active safety system.

Ignition and components

The ignition system is fundamentally important for a motorcycle, because if any of its components fails, it becomes impossible to start the internal combustion engine.

The heart of a Harley Davidson motorcycle’s ignition system is the ignition coil, so when problems start to occur with this component of Harley’s electrics, it becomes a cause for concern for any biker.

As you know, the internal combustion engine of a motorcycle works by systematically transmitting a spark into the combustion chamber at a certain frequency. In this process, the leading role is played by the ignition coil – it is on it that the low voltage is converted into high-voltage, due to which the spark is generated.

Signs of failure of the ignition coil should know each owner of two-wheeled horse in order to timely repair the ignition system and replace unsuitable for further operation of the spare parts.

The main symptoms of ignition coil failure and other related components include the following signs:

  • overheating of the coil itself;
  • unstable operation of the ignition system;
  • engine performance degradation;
  • the motorcycle ceases to respond at all to the turn of the key in the ignition switch.

The longevity of the coil depends on temperature fluctuations – the more often there are temperature fluctuations and the more the motor heats the coil body, the less the component will last. The quality of the ignition coil used in this sense is the determining factor for its longevity.

If the ignition coil fails, there is virtually no repair. Hardly anyone would rewind a coil when it’s easier to banal to replace it. Therefore, if you have a broken ignition coil or related components, they should be immediately replaced with new ones.


The quality and appearance of the various kinds of switches that abound on your Harley Davidson motorcycle’s control panel are of the utmost importance, because you have to constantly see and interact with these elements in front of you. It is undoubtedly nice to feel the new and stylish switches and control buttons under your hands.

If you want the bike of your dreams, make your bike attractive in every way, including the controls.

Relays, charging system components, stators

Reliable and high-quality electrical equipment is a guarantee of trouble-free operation of Harley Davidson motorcycle. The Harley Davidson motorcycle uses the alternator (stator) as the main source of current, and the battery serves as the auxiliary source. The alternator is connected to the engine and runs only when the engine crankshaft is turning. The battery meets all of the motorcycle’s power needs while parked or when the engine is running, and is periodically turned on when the alternator produces less power than is needed to power all of the consumers turned on.

Also, relay-type control devices play an important role in electrical equipment. The most practical interest is the relay-regulator. Its purpose is to maintain a predetermined voltage in the network, as well as to provide automatic connection of the battery to the generator when its voltage is higher than the battery, and disconnection when the generator voltage becomes lower than the battery. The first task is performed by a voltage regulator, the second by a reverse current relay. As a rule, both devices are placed in one unit. It is this combined unit that is called a voltage regulator.


Every Harley Davidson motorcycle owner, of course, wants to feel absolutely confident, comfortable and safe behind the wheel of his bike. For this purpose, first of all, it is necessary to think about properly chosen and adjusted lighting.

Having made the decision to change the headlight on your Harley, or to improve the lighting, there are many questions, such as what headlight to choose?

There are different versions of headlamps for motorcycles, differing from each other as to their external shape (round, square), and on the principle of creating a luminous flux (LED, halogen, xenon). Headlights for bikes are so unique that it is difficult to find an equivalent replacement. No wonder they are such a success with bikers.

To choose the right headlight, you need to consider a few key characteristics that will help you feel safe at all times of day and in all weather conditions:

  • The combination of different light modes in a single headlight;
  • Availability of a special protective coating, allowing the light to operate at low temperatures;
  • Rugged and durable housing, protected from moisture and dust;
  • Parameters of the average operating temperature from -40 and up to +70 degrees;
  • Vibration resistance, etc.

Alarm system, acoustics

Motorcycle acoustics have become wildly popular among bikers of late.

Almost every motorcycle owner, and especially when it comes to such an iconic bike as Harley Davidson, likes to listen to good music on the road. Therefore, preparing your bike for long journeys, you should take care in advance about the installation of quality acoustics, so that you can always enjoy your favorite rock on the road.

To achieve good sound from the motorcycle speaker system is not so easy, so we have to think of different specific options – most often as a volume for the installation are considered motorcycle cases, where the installation of acoustic components. The main condition for creating excellent motoacoustics is the use of powerful and high-quality speakers.


As you know, in modern Harley Davidson motorcycles the internal combustion engine is started by means of a special device – a starter.

The starter is a compact DC motor. At the moment the engine is started with the “START” button, the electric current from the battery is supplied directly to the starter. In turn, the starter during the passage of current through it begins to rotate and then through the bendix directly connected to it, transmits its own torque to the engine. After the engine is started the START button is switched off, the starter is stopped and the bendix disconnects the engine and the starter.

Electrical connectors, wires

Every experienced motorcycle owner knows that motorcycle electrics (wires, connectors, terminals) require serious attention. Irresponsible handling of motorcycle electrics causes a number of negative consequences: breaks, smoke, sparks, burnout of units from unstable power, etc.

Cable connectors and terminal blocks are also important motorcycle electrical components. The main enemy of electrical connections on a motorcycle is constant vibration. If the wires are not fixed securely in the connector plug, under the influence of vibration, they will provoke the formation of micro-cracks, which wear the copper surface, which leads to a deterioration in the quality of the connection. If the contact is poor, one of the contacts in the socket often burns out, which will require replacing the damaged socket with a new socket.

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